Education And E-learning

Very recent we tied up with Core Knowledge Limited, a company of Rahimafrooz (Bangladesh) Limited,which was started in journey, 2009 focused on delivering innovative education and e-learning solutions for K-12 schools. It’s presence in each of the education verticals - from school going children to post graduate students – allows to reach out to the entire education life cycle. Core-k provides SmartSchool Solutions in K-12 schools, which is being introduced to promote holistic usage of technology solutions in educational institutions to bring about meaningful impact in quality of teaching and learning and motivating students to be successful.

SmartSchool Solutions include

  •     Digital Content Solution
  •     School Management Solution
  •     Interactive Whiteboard
  •     Collaborative Tools

Our mission is to bring cost effective twenty-first century solutions to everyone on the path of learning that leads to a brighter Bangladeshi future.


Core Campus :

We are introducing CoreCampus solution - an ICT based School Management System for schools across the country. The innovative offerings from this solution brings affordability and effectiveness of modern technology in teaching, learning, administration and collaboration, not only within a school, but also extending across schools, teachers, staff members, students and parents.


Smart Board :

Smart board allows an instructor to combine projector screen, a whiteboard and computer to work from one single place. Anything projected from a projector on a Smart Board works as a touchscreen to interact with the computer. It also allows to write, edit, format, save, record etc. that takes place on the board.


SMART Projector :

SMART projector turns the projected area (plain board/ wall) into an interactive touch screen and it provides all the facilities of a SMART board. Thus SMART projector is the perfect way to make learning more interactive, engaging and fun.